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Unisex Giyim & Aksesuar

Cardion Şal

  • Cardion Şal


Fiyat : ₺1.00
Tarih : 19 Mart 2018
Konum : Kurtuluş Osb/Gürsu/Bursa, Türkiye

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a low figure is given. Product quantity is not valid.

Please communicate by specifying the number of products and orders you wish to purchase.

Working hours: Weekdays / Saturdays 09:00 – 18:00 Sunday: We do not have any work.

Our company performs Scarf – Shawl – Scarf – Scarf – Writing / Tulle – Flag – Peştamal production.

Our company, which performs domestic and international sales, carries out wholesale sales by carrying out its own brand production and at the same time it carries out production on customer order.

In our company;

* Weaving

* Paint Printing

* 3D Digital Printing

* Apparel (sewing, ironing, package, etc.) services are provided.

Apart from this, the products and services manufactured in our company are as follows;

* Pashmina Shaw Varieties (Tassels, Fringed, Sewing, Simli etc.)

* Taffeta Shawl and Taffeta Scarf Types

* Cardion Shawl

* Chiffon Shawl and Chiffon Scarf

* Jacquard Shawl and Jacquard Scarf

* Ruched / Swept Shawls and Lace / Sweeper Scarf

* Rayon Scarf and Rayon Shawl

* Twill Shawl and Twill Scarf

* Cotton Shawl and Cotton Scarf

* Check Pattern Shawl and Scarf

* Medina Ipei Scarf and Medina Ipei Shawl

* Shoe / Pusher Shawl and Scarf

* Scarf and Weft Types

* Digital Printing Scarf and Digital Printing Shawl

* Writing / Tulle

* Silk Scarf – Shawl – Scarf – Tie

* Printed Scarf and Scarf

* Production of peştamal etc.

* Flag and Flag

production and WHOLESALE sales are realized. Some of our products are only produced in order. There is a minimum order quantity and the product varies according to cecedicine.

Contact us for your order and wholesale purchases.

Our respect;


Scarf & Shaw Making

Bursa, Turkey

Order and Information Lines (Weekdays 09:00 – 18:00)
+90 545 677 94 12 


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